Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Are We Being Conditioned or Distracted For A Reason?

  In a sense, we are within ourselves nothing more than mere "slaves".

Are We Conditioned???

   The most riches of the rich & the most powerful of the powerful govern what we buy, how we live, tax whatever taxes they want us to paid......and so on!

Think I'm kidding....?

  • In over 40 states, there is a tax on “traveling professionals,” more commonly known as professional athletes. 

  • NYC has a 'Sliced" Bagel tax.

  • Durham, North Carolina, The state charges a $10 tax for neutered and spayed pets and $75 for pets that are not neutered or spayed.

  • In Maine, they have implemented a penny and a half tax per pound of blueberries.

  • In Illinois, all candies are subject to an extra tax, unless they contain flour.

  • Illinois now also has a sugary beverage tax. 1 cent per ounce for every beverage that contains sugar.

  • Fresh fruit is exempt from sales tax in California, unless it's sold from a vending machine.

Are we being conditioned?

   While we are busy paying taxes  & busy paying mortgages, working 12 - 16 hrs a day, to has that latest greatest phone or the biggest brightest TV which happens to be just as great as the last one we had.

   You're not alone, I too, am guilty of this control, this relentless cycle.  Now,  picture that dog chasing his tail?

All the while.......
the very planet that sustains each & everyone of us is being destroyed right underneath our noses.

   Of the 4.6 billion plus years of our known earth, around 200,000 years of that human beings have populated her. That's about .01% of earth's timeline. Yet, within this time,

We have:

* Populated earth by 7billion+,

* Consumed enormous amounts of her resources,

* Almost 50% of trees/forestry GONE!

* Altered 50% of earth landscape through clearing, cities, dams, even mountains for coals,

* Contaminated  our atmosphere (CO2),

* Climate change - global warming thereby raising sea levels.

   As we are being conditioned aka distracted by some of the most obvious antics thrown at us. (Considering the amount of real common sense humans do bear). Have we paid any attention to the fact that earth has already been through 5 extinctions events.
Yes, 5 (FIVE),

1) Ordovician-Silurian - Roughly 444 million yrs ago 86% species extinct.

2) Late Devonian -Some 374 million yrs ago 75% species extinct.

3) Permian - Approx. 251 million yrs ago 96% species extinct.

4) Triassic-Jurassic - Some 200 million yrs ago 80% species extinct.

5) Cretaceous-tertiary - (Dinosaurs roamed within this era) 65 million yrs ago 76% species extinction.

......and humans are working the 6th (The age of Humans) ANTHROPOCENE

   The debate amongst scientists & geologist is ongoing whether we are officially in this state. What is for certain is we humans are definitely leaving our human footprint on the planets geological metamorphosis.

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Monday, June 6, 2016

SOW Save Our Wild-Life is Back ON 2016

(David Brower may have translated this from an native American saying.) 

   "Someone said that we do not inherit the earth from our ancestors, but borrow it from our children."

This line is a lie! 

   "Look at the world around us. We aren't borrowing from our children. Borrowing means that we will pay it back, but we aren't paying back. We are STEALING from our children......!" 

~ Dr. Jane Goodall 

   This is truly a most powerful quote. When we take a deep intellectual look around our planet, and what was once a planet of abundant resources and complimentary. Humans
have taken it......literally stolen it's properties for personal & financial gains. Leaving in it's wake a planet slowly becoming striped of it's value.

    Each year pollution kills 100's of thousand, even million of sea-creatures/sea-birds.  Creating diseases, cancers, climate change etc.,  

   It's time.......some 3-5 decades behind, but time do our part to save the planet. Planet earth is crying out GO GREEN!

Picture of sun shining through clouds over flat green lands

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Blue whale sighting finds mysterious giants of the deep

 Photo: Allen J. Schaben, MCT

Friday, August 19, 2011

Criminals will face jail term if they breach wildlife laws - Northern Ireland, Local & National -

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Last seen.....

Here are some wildlife animal that have NOT been seen since.......


The Great Auk ~ last seen 1852

Broad-Faced Potoroo ~ last seen 1875

Marsupial Wolf ~ last seen 1936

Dodo ~ last seen 1665

Steller's Sea Cow ~ last seen 1768

Reference -Can We Save the Tiger by Martin Jenkins

Top 10 Animals that could be extinct in 10 years:
according to WWF

  1. TIGER
  2. Polar bears
  3. Pacific Walrus
  4. Magellanic Penguin
  5. Leatherback Turtle
  6. Bluefin Tuna
  7. Mountain Gorilla
  8. Monarch Butterfly
  9. Javan Rhinoceros
  10. Giant Panda